Practice traditional style “chang hun tul”

Taekwon-do was an intense martial art mostly for adults in the 1950s and 1960s. The majority of the practitioners were adults at that time. Taekwon-do turned its focus towards children in the 1970s and 1980s when the martial art became a sport. Originally, practitioners practiced chang hun tul. Grandmaster Jaehoon Kim was personally taught by the founder of "chang hun tul" and further developed the style for 45 years, and JAEHOONKIM TAEKWON-DO is a highly regarded institute that offers programs with a level of authenticity that is unchallenged by any other taekwon-do studio in the world. It is a great opportunity for you to learn the authentic, practical and strong taekwon-do style.

Strong taekwon-do with a practical focus

Do you think taekwon-do is not very formidable as a martial art? Taekwon-do is not all about feet movements. In actual sparring situations, there are no rules. We employ the full-range sparring concept and teach our students in a systematic and safe manner with a range of hand and feet movements and skills that can be applied to actual sparring, so students can gain strength to protect themselves in extreme situations.

Proven diet method

JAEHOONKIM TAEKWON-DO offers a program that combines cardio exercise with anaerobic exercise in a good balance to provide a highly effective and fundamental weight-loss solution. We suggest a scientific method for losing fat and firmly believe anyone can lose weight with this method.

Well-being! Healthy life

There is nothing more important than health. Taekwon-do is the best way to improve health for busy grown-ups by simply having two one-hour sessions per week. We help develop the ability to react quickly and improve physical agility with a focus on muscular strength, endurance and flexibility so you can enjoy a healthy life.

Stress relief

You can relieve stress and regain energy for life by practicing taekwon-do, which harmonizes stillness and dynamic qualities. Start with stretching and move onto dynamic movements where you kick, punch, sweat and give a shout of concentration, throwing away stress!

The best facilities in China

Each studio has male/female changing rooms, shower facilities, a reception desk, a lobby and a spacious practice room. Fully equipped with various facilities and practice tools, our studios help you enjoy pleasant workout sessions.

International atmosphere

As our institute has 25 overseas branches which actively interact with one another, you will notice a global atmosphere in our studios. A number of foreign students practice taekwon-do with us as we have systems and language structures for foreigners as well.


Taekwon-do is a part of everyday routines that add charm to life. While practicing taekwon-do in our convenient facilities, gain practical self-defense skills and enjoy a healthy and attractive lifestyle and atmosphere, which is a great experience for anyone.