“People change the world and education changes people"

"JAEHOONKIM TAEKWON-DO strives to help children strengthen their bodies and minds and grow into kind-hearted adults of good character through taekwon-do."

Global taekwon-do diplomacy program for children

We have 25 branches in different countries, including the U.S., Singapore and China. We offer our young students opportunities to travel to other countries so they can gain more experience and visit English-speaking countries.

Well-structured and diverse taekwon-do programs

The instructors at JAEHOONKIM TAEKWON-DO have personally received training from Master Jae Hoon Kim and each of them has a degree in physical education. We teach children under systematic programs designed for different levels and capacities.

Scientific physical training system

Instructors with sports science degrees and relevant qualifications help improve the six elements of physical ability - muscular strength, endurance, ability to react instantly, physical agility, flexibility and balance - and they assess students' levels in a scientific manner in pursuit of well-balanced physical development.

Exercises that help children grow taller and practice programs that prevent obesity

By avoiding exercise methods that may disturb children's physical growth and employing methods that stimulate the growth plate, we help children grow taller and become engaged in efficient cardio exercises in an effort to prevent child obesity.

Character education

We value each and every student. With love and affection for our students, we guide them to grow into well-rounded individuals.

Practice for gaining mental strength

We help students improve confidence and social skills by helping them gain a sense of leadership. Students achieve a higher level of learning efficiency by practicing taekwon-do as taekwon-do helps them learn how to concentrate. With various exercises, students develop creativity and cognitive capability.